Few words directly and live from Balkan :)

In a one way nothing new happens in Balkans, bad things are happening here for years, just world media is not interested for that.
On the other way, there are many countries here, each of those countries choosing the powerful ally hoping that it will be protected on that way when SHTF.
For example Montenegro alone can be overrun basically with few brigades, other leading “regional military power” have couple of MIG21 airplanes etc etc.
Big players are in game here, we are just way too small. Russia, Putin, NATO… And Islamic terrorist threat now, Turkey is so close…
All things mentioned above like Kosovo problem and similar are problem here for decades, once again they just being pulled out in the reason of “heating” the atmosphere, preparing the ground for fight. Seen that before.

Point of everything is when tanks start to roll alliances are broken, small players are forgotten.
I am not some strategic expert, and I like to think in “small circles” too. But I am definitely know and recognizes when things are starting to go bad.
Yes folks, it make sense more then ever to be prepper now.