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LOL! My first thought was how that could be hooked up to our home alarm system for when we’re away (or sleeping). Then I remembered about two weeks ago when I unknowingly mistakenly put the system on “away” mode. I put my keys in my pocket, back in the bedroom, and didn’t hear the alarm start timing out for us to leave the house (apparently a key pressed against the key ring remote control device for the alarm system, activating it without our knowledge). Imagine my surprise when I just happened to walk out the bedroom hall door into the family room and the high pitched and high volume “screams” came blaring out of the alarm siren just inside the front door (ear splitting!). Thank goodness I didn’t also have this device hooked into the system (and it certainly would not have been with foam ammo, if I did). I wouldn’t even have been able to answer the phone when the alarm company called just moments later to verify it was really just a false alarm. But at least they would have called police, who then could have notified the coroner – hah hah!

Still, good for a few fun fantasies, anyway.