William du Plooy 8 November : “For my South African friends: This is a letter that I sent to the YOU Magazine: Perhaps they will publish it so it can reach more people:

I’ve lived in Zimbabwe almost my entire life (27 years), I went through it’s total collapse in 2008. But it wasn’t an overnight crash – it took +/-10 years to hit absolute rock bottom. Reading the news, President Jacob Zuma says that the ANC comes first, not South Africa! It’s not his statement that bothers me so much as the fact that the South African government is now reaching a point where they can (almost) say or do anything they want, and no one opposes them. South African’s are becoming complacent, the same way the Zimbabweans did. Mugabe pushed the boundaries a little further each time to test us, and made seemingly insignificant changes to the law every now and then. In the beginning, the change was so gradual and when we didn’t fight back, the changes became more drastic. And then one day ordinary Zimbabweans woke up to complete collapse and a dictator who had been slowly conditioning us into complacency. As a frequent traveler through South Africa, I can see the small signs – exactly the same signs that we purposely ignored in Zim. South Africa now has a leader who can say things like the above without being opposed and look at the results: The rand is loosing value, you have been dealing with Eskom load shedding for several years now, unemployment is on the rise, and some of the best brains are leaving South Africa to find a better life elsewhere… should I go on? These things all happened in Zimbabwe. Perhaps the most scary thing is that they are happening to South Africa in roughly the same order and time frames as they did in Zim. It takes someone who’s been through it to recognize the signs. When I tell this to South African’s, they say “we know!” You know? So what are you doing about it? Stop being so complacent, fight for your rights! Wake Up South Africa!”