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Scratch the “S.” South Africa really hitting hard times, self-induced.

On the surface, that would seem quite logical. However, digging much deeper than the MSM would easily permit, perhaps South Africa will remain in the equation – for reasons other than their own self-determined purposes. Start with the following from four years ago, concerning China’s involvement with Gaddafi in his last days on earth:


Then fast forward to this May 2014 article, “China in Africa: investment or exploitation?

Though two years earlier, here’s part of the specific South African connection, involving rare earth elements. Even just the abstract of this very long article will provide some raised eyebrows.


There are many other articles of significant interest, but the above will suffice to start making the case that perhaps the “S” is intended to be there by the “C,” not because the “S” deserves to be there on their own merits. (One of our South African members in the Forum recently referenced China’s involvement with SA’s resources, and how that involvement may end around 2020, as resources are depleted, if I remember correctly. THEN it was expected that SA would plummet off the edge, following the long death-slide it’s currently in.)