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Daily excursions are also a way to develop intelligence – knowing what and who is going on around you. It is done differently in an urban setting than a rural or wilderness setting, but it needs to be done.
If you have already developed a network of contacts (something you need to start doing now, not when SHTF) you need to keep in touch with and cultivate them when S does HTF.
I was able, as a white dude, to walk pretty much freely and unmolested through a few of the urban riots of the 1960s because I turned my contacts on all sides into being a go-between. I started that role before the SHTF and kept it up after the last glass was swept from the streets. I knew what was about to happen before it happened and on a few occassions kept things from becoming really ugly. During overseas tours (before they were called deployments) we not only sent out combat scouting patrols but ones to establish and maintain contact with the locals (even when the nearrest locals were many miles away). At night when the local farmer turned into our enemy it was often possible to know what/where/when/how he was going to try to mess with us, and thus do something to disuade him or beat him to the punch. The same goes for those living/operating near you.