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I’m still cautious. I like what Trump’s saying, at least about border security/ immigration. His words are making sense with a lot of people, many of them unemployed Democrats, who aren’t too jazzed about Hitlary. But if he’s not lying about securing the border, the powers controlling the bicameral ruling party will make sure he never makes it to the presidency for long enough to accomplish it. Since Andrew Jackson survived the assassination attempt, they’ve never allowed any president to get away with crossing their moves to tighten their grip on the nation.

If he survives to run, pay close attention to the running mate. He’ll need some skilled friends guarding his back (and watching the Sneakret Service, which is directed by the SecTreas, who gets paid by the IMF.) He’ll also need a heavy-hitting Attorney General — Gowdy would do fine.

Why would the RNC give him their database? Maybe they have to, or maybe they can’t afford to come out openly against him this early. If their opposition to a popular Republican were openly shown so soon, it could sink the party everywhere, and seriously reduce their payola.

Cry, "Treason!"