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Really I am copying the old tree lounger deer stand design. I had one years ago and gave it to my cousin(why did I do that?) during a time when I was so busy working I didn’t have time to hunt much less be home. The company is no longer in business and there are some cheap Chi knock offs but I want to play with it a little bit. The original design was collapsible and could be carried like a backpack. I want to modify it where I can attach a shoulder harness to pull it like a rickshaw but also be able to swap a piece or 2 out and pull it with a bike. Angle and elevation will be important in order to accommodate for bum clearance of the passenger. Wheels will be bicycle tires as they are light and provide good ground clearance. Replacement tubes are pretty cheap, don’t take up much space and have other uses. The other great thing about bike tires is they are pretty easy to break down by hand or with minimal tools. There are several hand pumps that are pretty light and would do the job to inflate the tires. Here is a picture of the original tree lounger.

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