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74, Matt,
thanks for raising the issue. I’m trying to figure out how I could transport my wife without a motor vehicle in a SHTF situation. I hope we don’t get to that need, but count it possible. She currently has a wound on her ankle, healing slowly, making it extremely painful to walk, until it closes. At certain large stores, she’s able to use those electric carts; at an airport, we need a wheelchair. Around the house, she uses a cane.

I ride a bicycle some of the time & could travel on one if I needed to, but she needs to avoid articulating her ankle, for the time being. I’ve been thinking of equipping a wheelchair with 26″ pneumatic wheels, extra rack(s), bike- and harness-towing tongues, and extended rear push/guide-handles. If it wasn’t needed for wheelchair duty, it would still be a decent rough-country cart. Supplies and equipment for continued living could be carried without having to schlep it all on our backs.

I’ll be interested to read more about your design, Matt.

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