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74, at least I’ll have some friends around me at least. It seems a bit surreal at times reading media reports of what is going on with immigration (legal & illegal), Muslim refugees pouring in, tensions between blacks and everyone else boiling over, and I see none of it on a day to day basis. Has it not come to my little oasis yet or am I just not seeing it? I’m thinking it hasn’t come here yet. There aren’t any apartment buildings in my town nor any public housing, and not very many rentals either. There are plenty of poor folks but they are locals for whom this is home. There’s some rich folks too so we’ve got the full economic spectrum. The population continues to slowly decline and new home construction is few and far between. Maybe we represent the old America that is slowly fading away. Meantime I will keep current with what’s happening elsewhere and not fully understand why I’m supposed to celebrate those changes.

A Vermont Backroads Tour van drove past my house this morning so I’ll take that as a sign that we must have something good here if people are willing to pay to see it.