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‘Bams campaign was clear that he was going to fundamentally change the US. The problem was that his supporters thought it would be for the good.

I looked at the list of 190 cities taking Syrian refugees. One is in VT and that happens to be the only town in VT with a mosque, here as a result of refugee programs.

What I fundamentally don’t understand is the basis that we are all supposed to accept at face value that diversity enriches a community and somehow makes it better. The inference is that there is something wrong or lacking in traditional European-American culture that gets fixed by making the community more diverse. I’m not saying that adding diversity automatically makes it worse but rather why am I supposed to accept that it automatically makes it better. Why am I supposed to rejoice at the bringing into the country of people without skills, education, or the means to support themselves, and in the case of Muslim refugees, people who refuse to accept the principles of freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and who have no intention of assimilating.