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This subject is near and dear to my heart. My wife was born with cerebral palsy. It is a mild case compared to others I have seen but she is my hero none the less. She gets up every day and lives a normal life. She is a mother of 3 and takes great care of us all. One of my biggest fears is if we ever have to run. It will not be much of an option for her. I am working on a cart I could pull her in right now but rough terrain or a hasty retreat would be disastrous. My 8 yr old nephew also has Downs syndrome. Man I love that kid. I am fortunate to have a large family team. Both my father and mother in law are in good health though dad has slowed a bit due to his heart. He also is a very good shot.My bro in law is not someone I would want to run into in a dark ally(195 and some MMA training). His wife is able bodied as well. My two older kids will be of great help too. I guess I have already settled it in my mind, if we ever have to run I will just have to be meaner, nastier and more divisive than our threat in order to give the rest of the family time to get out.