74 – That pretty much is where I am today. 28 years of using loud stuff and using loud transportation (helo’s etc etc) has me hearing crickets!
Whirlibird – Yep. Basically many years of thinking only Kryptonite can hurt me has left me with a screwed up back and left leg. Thus my shooting style is different. I still could qual as marksman.
Our group does not have anyone below the age of 55 years old. Each of us have different problems so we lean harder on each other to get certain things done. Where one of us is weak another is strong.
As the saying goes: I am too dam* old to fight you anymore so I will just kill you!
Throwing on a mask, 40 pound Alice Pack and running a mile now is impossible. So we plan and plan and plan.
Woke up breathing so everything else is gravy!