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It has been a heck of a year so far. Been hard to ‘prep’ when just keeping up with the demands for assistance (from family, friends, community). My elderly father has now had 3 strokes since January. At home, it has been tough to help care for him, farm and commitments to community and still breath. The victims of fire have been, finally, rehoused and are adjusting magnificently! Trails we have created to keep alerted/patrol our area have taken a lot of work because,…whelp…so much rain…’crap’ grows like crazy. Despite the great seeming weather here in VA, predict is going to be a big hay shortage come winter. Despite rain and great temps…many farmers cut and couldn’t get it baled in time before more rain set in. Lots has gone to the mushroom farmers in PA. Used my new small baler this year and happy to say have had 3 cuttings. This is the kind of weather where smaller, more agile, less acres makes for some profit. Have lots of bales (not rounders) put up and am sure will sell all early on. Keeping the veg garden weeded, under control (this the year of Japanese beetle) has been a struggle. LOTS of HUGE potatoes however…lettuce been ongoing, onions same… LOTS of apples, pears, and berries. Did get a neighbor to help add some solar panels in far field to add solar pumping to stock tanks and etc. Lowest quote to paint just board and batten barn was $9500 – completed 2 of the sides (scrape, prime, 2 top coats) last week. Figure other 2 sides next year. Prepping in my mind means also keeping up with maintenance of what you already have!

Did complete new underground greenhouse 4 weeks ago. Just have to add gravel drainage. Other than that, same old thing for me…work…smile, laugh, love, smile, help when able….and keep on going!

Miss you all. Sorry but my father’s care on top of all else, has had me tapped out for much else…including online time. Hope you all are well and happy. An old friend..