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Faking ancient history, out of ignorance, and a desire to fill a time slot the easy way, is bad enough. Rewriting modern history for empire brings far more disastrous consequences. Many, if not all, of the wars of the last two centuries have been set up in advance — papered over with lying treaties intended to be violated later, when war would once again be more profitable — and financed — by those who would reap the money and power, from the death and destruction they had planned to beget.

Modern simplistic and false “history” either calls these “inevitable,” or due to the “innately evil” nature of those unsuspecting young fighters who would be sent to carry out the profitable designs of the older planners. The object of the fake history game is to persuade the average sheepizen that it is pointless to try to understand the genesis of the next war/depression, and the way of the world. “Shut up; quit complaining; accept whatever comes; don’t mess with stuff you’ll never understand; the Glorious Leaders (and their “advi$er$”) know best.”

Rulers, wielders of the Sword, come and go, but the descendants of those who wield the Purse continue in power unbroken for centuries, and they pick and pay the “historians,” the” diplomats,” and the “rulers”. That’s the way it works nowadays. But once, in the history of mankind, there was a nation where at least 90% were literate, at least a third of them understood how the “system” worked, and Three Percent of them were willing to risk death to change it. They succeeded, but they couldn’t make their progeny care as much as they did. Ten generations later, we’re less free than they began. Sic Transit Gloria.

Cry, "Treason!"