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Last weekend was the Annual Town-wide Tag Sale which is made into a festive day of sorts with food at the firehouse, fireworks at night, and a book sale at the library. It doesn’t take much to entertain small town folks I suppose. Most of the books at the book sale were free and the rest were $.10 (paperback) and $.25 (hardbound). I walked away with a box full of books that was about as heavy as I was willing to carry. The buying part came to $1.75 so I just gave them $10 and said to keep the change. I always pick up a bunch of history type books and old classics, and if I can find them “how to” type books, though there wasn’t much of that this time. The woman who works at the library is used to me coming to the sales, and she even handed me a couple old books saying “you';ll want these”. My extensive library will ensure my grandkids have access to history that is no longer taught.