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First let me state I’m not trained by the military or in defensive structures. But I was trained to evaluate structures for other purposes and I think I understand the basics although there are numerous factors.

As Matt said location, location.

How close are the building structures to each other and what construction type. Will all the buildings be occupied by friends and team or by someone else. What are the views from the structures? Are there open views 360 degrees or are there sections blocked from view. Can the blocked views be mitigated by outliers in separate covered locations. Do the approaches provide potential natural or man made locations of cover and or concealment. Does the property provide any height advantages, either structures or hills. Is there potential for concealed escape from the structure and property. Is there potential for pre-positioned fighting fortifications.

Looking at a structure’s exterior wall and roof construction is helpful. A building’s resistance to fire not surprisingly follows closely to resistance to bullet penetration (with the exemption of metal non combustibles buildings. However an all metal building would be excellent against arson and adjacent structure fires). Concrete fire resistant buildings are best, heavy masonry buildings would be my second choice with non combustible metal construction third. Unfortunately most modern homes are frame construction, the poorest possibility, but also the easiest to modify with concealed escape openings in exterior walls or other types of interior fortifications. After SHTF entire suburban neighborhoods will be destroyed by fire jumping from one house to another. Buildings separated by 100’t can ignite other buildings located near by. Without water there will be no stopping fires.

Woods are areas that can conceal both invaders and or preppers. Wooded areas are excellent places to set traps, ambushes and conceal escape routes. It’s paramount to be in place before an adversary approaches or all advantages are lost.

As Malgus and others have said, ground can not be held forever. Therefor withdrawal capabilities are a necessary requirement.