And if they set up a base in the US (assuming they haven’t already), political correctness and the media will insist that it isn’t so, that we’re being Islamophobic etc. It would be yet another opportunity for the President to give his Islam is a religion of peace speech.

Sorry, my Christian Armenian great grandparents found out what the ‘religion of peace’ meant during WWI. (I may have told this story before.) 1.5 million wiped out by cruel means: babies tossed up and caught on the swords, girls raped and crucified naked along the roads, my own great-grandparents herded at gunpoint into the mountains in their 60s and left to die. (The other half of their town was slain.) Fortunately, Great-Grandfather was a humble itinerant merchant (horseback peddler–whom the village had censured my highly educated great-grandmother for marrying). He knew the mountains well from his long trips into them. GGmother soon contracted pneumonia from exposure. GGfather heated rocks in a campfire (I assume they had hastily carried some supplies with them) and put them around her body until she recovered. They then made their way to a rich Armenian family whom GGfather knew about…and were taken in. Their beautiful young daughter (my grandmother) had already emigrated to America prior to WWI when this happened. And here I am…

I remember the whispered conversations between my grandmother and her NYC friends about all the atrocities–and heard a few of the stories. I think the shame and horror was never released publicly as the Jewish people did theirs…so Turkey and the US both deny the event. [BTW it was the Sultan of Turkey who suggested to Hitler ways to ‘deal with the Jewish problem–the way he had dealt with the Armenian problem.]

Do I hate the Turks? No. But neither do I believe that Islam is a peaceful religion. The Christian Armenians had coexisted (tenuously) with the conquering Turks for centuries, and my grandmother had been invited to share Ramadan with her Turkish friends as a small girl. Then, after she had emigrated, the jihads began. Clara Barton had an audience with the Sultan, was received as a dignitary as she pleaded for the lives of the Armenian people, but nothing was done.

Once people have power, and are incited by hatred or a cruel religion, mob mentality takes over. All I can say, is be aware and beware.