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Brulen, there are a couple nearby small lakes/large ponds. I haven’t walked the entire property but I am not aware of anything more than seasonal streams on it. Not a big issue though being he’ll have a well and I’ll get a good quality hand pump added to it. Water is one thing folks in the Northeast have in perpetual abundance. For me personally I have a pond on my property in addition to a deep well w/hand pump.

You hit on the biggest risk for folks in Northern New England (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine), the BoWash hordes. It is something I have thought about long and hard. For folks from other countries, BoWash is the Boston to Washington, DC megalopolis which has about 45 million people in what is a 400 or so mile long urban zone. The issue of the bridges is a good one. There are not very many that cross the Hudson and they could quickly become choke points. The Boston to NYC part of BoWash is of course on the East side of the Hudson. Metro Boston people are oriented to NH & ME and that’s where many would head. NYC & CT folks are more oriented to VT. NYC folks are also oriented to NY State and Pennsylvania but they’ve got to be able to cross the Hudson in order to get there. There are several major routes into NH (& subsequently Maine) from Metro Boston, and numerous well known secondary roads. The NYC & CT folks almost exclusively use only two routes to get to VT, and one of them (I87 coming up the Hudson Valley) requires they first cross to the west side of the Hudson. The other (I91) that comes up the Connecticut River Valley on the VT side of the NH-VT border is how the CT crowd comes up. There are extremely few paved roads coming into VT from MA otherwise. I live on the Western side of VT, as will my son, and so we’re a good distance from the I91 corridor. Come a SHTF that causes folks to flee the cities, I’m thinking that we’ll get a lot of CT folks and folks from Western MA making their way north into VT but that the NYC folks are going to have a tough time getting anywhere. Some will follow the route that CT folks take, but most will attempt crossing the Hudson. Some of those that do cross it will head to VT (which requires crossing back over to the East side again) but many will head elsewhere into NY State and towards PA.

I’m hoping it is the dead of winter when it happens because the BoWash crowd will more likely be trying to make their way south then. Few would have the clothes or equipment to be able to get very far trudging through snow. In any weather, lesser routes are easily blocked by dropping trees. I’m also hoping it isn’t the weekend when SHTF happens given how many tourists from Southern New England (MA, CT, RI), NYC, & NJ come to Northern New England during the tourist seasons (summer-autumn-winter).

Geography and travel routes is definitely something folks should be cognizant of.