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Wow! More prescient than Condi Rice and Hitlary Klintoon put together! As Zero’s Chief of Citizen Persecution, she wouldn’t be warning about a cyber attack, most especially, one by ISIS, the Zero regime’s pet enemy, unless some kind of “attack” were almost ready to launch, methinks. Must be that all of their efforts to create racial/national/social chaos are succeeding too slowly, and they need a more timely reason (coordinated with Jade Helm 15) to begin executing whatever plans they have in mind for us.

Something bad’s up, and it might be preppers (they’re all a bunch of mean ol’ sexist/racists, don’tchaknow?) who will catch federal blame for it all. People in the habit of speaking their minds should prepare for action.

Please tell me I’m just paranoid.

Cry, "Treason!"