I agree, MountainBiker. The few who think they can return to gardening believe all you need to do is scatter some seeds, sit back sipping your tea, and reap a bountiful harvest. This is also promoted, by inference, in the organic magazines.

Everything takes a LOT of work. I grew up on a small farm (noted above). We had a variety of livestock, all my responsibility. If a calf got sick, a big investment was at stake. And other livestock often contracts whatever it is, unless you have antibiotics. Life as we know it is easier than it has been since the beginning of time, and we do not appreciate that fact*. Hardship has been the norm for millennia. I fear it will return to that all too soon. We are living in a house of cards…

*(I am so tired of those who bemoan ‘today’, and desire to return to ‘simpler times’, which they have never experienced. Simple, yes, because there was not the information overload, nor material possessions and conveniences/toys we have today. Nor the commonplace debt. But simple meant hard manual labor from dawn to past sunset, just to survive and keep things going. Hauling water from a spring or creek, lucky if you had a good well, washing clothes by hand, grinding your own flour….raising your grain in the first place, hoping for a good harvest. If not, hunger followed swiftly. I fear Greece may eventually fall back into this, with our country not far behind.)