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I don’t think many people approach preparing with a ratio in mind. I also think there are a lot of variables that could skew your numbers. Whirli is a good example. There is a great deal of training he has that an occupation or a group he belongs to paid for. The training was critical but its real dollar cost to him was 0. Peoples varying degree of abilities will also make it hard to pin down a number. People who have never done much in the outdoors but see danger coming are prepping in a panic. Some are wiser than others and realize all the gadgets in the world are no good if you don’t know how to use them, while others are trying to buy all they can “before all the good stuff is gone” and think they will figure out how to get good at using the items later. Maybe instead of focusing on the dollar ratio people do spend you could work on a suggested gear to training ratio. For example for each piece of gear train or use the piece of gear 1 hour a week until you are proficient with it. Even better still would be a list of basic skills and gear that could be used in most emergency situations and have them arranged in order of useful value. Once the list was put together a person could look at the list and determine where they were lacking and have a guideline on what they should focus on first. There are many on this forum whom this list might seem elementary to but I see knew people every day here that are just getting started. I think something like that could save them a lot of money. It might help with the “ooooo shiny” struggle as well, but that’s just my 2 cents.