” Most of those I’ve seen seem shocked or stunned and have difficulty to adapt “…a telling observation, Proteus. I think this will cause the demise of many in this country in times to come. Cognitive dissonance. Hopefully those on this forum will have preps and plans for similar (or worse) situations and be able to act with intelligence.

Another comment: When the Crash came that caused the Depression, my grandparents were humble immigrants living in a small town surrounded by super-wealthy estates. My grandfather made his living by cabinet making (furniture in 18th century style–fine craftsmanship…) and his customers were the wealthy. One of his customers lost it all on the stock market and was contemplating suicide by jumping out of his mansion window. The man’s maid realized what he was about to do, and chided him: Mr T doesn’t have anything, and you don’t see HIM killing HIMSELF, do you?

Saved the man’s life… Moral of the story, if you are poor, crashes don’t change much and life goes on. Those who are used to luxury, civilized amenities, and dependent upon the grid will be “shocked, stunned, and have difficulty to adapt.” Those of us who grew up with hand pumps and outhouses, killing our own chickens, will just fall to our previous level with the knowledge to survive. Others, not so much… A lot to learn from this thread.