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Georgia Saint,

The whole issue with these fires is suspect, and similar things have happened for at least two decades. The greatest example of arson attacks happened in 2007 where over 300 hot-spots appeared all over the country within days (!) Obviously the arsonists are in the form of organized groups – their favored method using gas canisters and either remotely exploding them or use cross motorcycles to reach various areas with difficult access in order to set fire. Several witnesses have spotted these bikers and other, weirder things as well (for example 2-3 people on a small motorboat had a launcher and were setting fire on a forest not far from the seafront through incendiary shells (!) The coastguard had managed to arrest those people and then the main culprit was identified to be a member of the Armed Forces (the Navy if I am not mistaken). A few days later, despite all the evidence as they were caught red-handed, the charges were dropped and they were let to go. Similar endings have all the rest of the arsons; very few convictions, most are let go supposedly due to lack of evidence (or due to corruption – all it takes is a few phone calls and they are free to leave).

In this case, more than 60 hot-spots flared up in diverse areas, all around the country; to speak of bee keepers is, quite frankly, insulting to the people’s intelligence; the same useless spiel about forest fires occurring through lit cigarettes or faulty electricity pylons…it’s possible, yes. But when a large number of fires occurs simultaneously, especially with testimonies of people speaking about explosions or seeing suspicious persons moments before the fire, it’s a safe bet that’s foul play and no mere chance. Most of the times those arrested are a mix of Greeks and other nationalities from the wider area of the Balkans that ruthless people employ to burn the forest so as to build on that land. Despite the current satellite mapping and the logging of all land property as well as the mapping of forest areas, these arsonists continue to destroy without fear of getting in trouble. One can see evidence of their activities in the manner of the fires occurring, as well as the locations: they usually aim to burn a zone adjacent to already built land, sort of expanding the area that has no trees so as to utilize it. Commonly it doesn’t go according to their plan, due to strong winds and far more than the area intended is being burnt. Of course, these kinds of people don’t care, all that matters is that they get what they wanted. If more damage happens along the way, they don’t lose any sleep over it. The newspapers hardly ever pursue the matter beyond the superficial vivid imagery of fires burning, sensationalizing the whole event. Occasionally there are reports of some people arrested, but due to negligence or unintentional burning… these are only a handful and do not account for the vast number of forest fires occurring at the same time.

As for the report regarding the deployment of military personnel, 3-4 internet papers including blogs (reprinting the post) mentioned about it. I can’t find all of them but here’s one of those, albeit in Greek (in google translate one could read more or less what was stated):


Unfortunately it hasn’t done much good, from what it seems.

As to your other question, since the government seems to ignore the will of the people, they are bound to lose support and members opposing these policies. It is likely that elections will occur some time in September. Also, with regards to the banks, there has been some minor boost through ELA but this serves only the banks, not the people. Most of those I’ve seen seem shocked or stunned and have difficulty to adapt to even greater austerity. And of course, the suicides are still happening, increasing the total number, week by week.