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I did a fairly substantial search of Google News and other sources today, and cannot find ANY stories about your raging fires past early last weekend (one on 19 July, the rest before that). And I’ve learned over the years to notice what is NOT in stories. In this case, most don’t even mention even a speculative cause for the fires (an odd omission, I think, based on what happens when we have large fires here – there is ALWAYS some comment about possible origin). All they say is that they’re bad and that the winds are equally bad, thus whipping them up into a far more dangerous situation.

Second, the very few mentions of arrests refer ONLY to a couple of beekeepers in one fire, and a single beekeeper in another fire – all three arrested for NEGLIGENT behavior, not overt arson. Based on those stories, one would think that Greek beekeepers are among the most careless individuals in the world, devoid of an ability to foresee possible consequences of their actions. The most recent mention of an arrest simply mentioned that “an” arrest was made (no mention of profession or other personal details), but with the specification that it was UNintentional setting of that particular fire. I’ve seen NOTHING of the reports you mentioned about the strategic stationing of government personnel in potentially vulnerable areas in order to hopefully thwart true arson.

So I’m wondering what else has been happening and coming to light with respect to the fires, since your initial reports – it’s just absent from the traditional news sources, except for the mere fact that fires are raging and winds are blowing. And how are things going in cities, now that banks are allowing at least token withdrawals? I do see where even more opposition members of government are being systematically removed from government positions, in order to facilitate the agreement that 61% of your people voted against (so much for the will of the people who put them in office – but we know that all too well here on this side of the pond also).

Thanks for your insights and helping at least a few of us keep up on more than what’s going on in our own front yards.