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Generalizing about any group of people (whether profession, race, religion, whatever), even based on a significant number of bad apples among them, allows people to dehumanize every member of such a group. And once we’re no longer looking at human beings, but just “objects” (or whatever dehumanizing name-calling is applied), it’s far easier to abuse any member of that group. It doesn’t matter whether it’s police, Muslims, Central or South Americans, people with African ancestry, or whatever. Ironically, it’s the very same thing that allowed different groups to create the unspeakable chaos that the founder of this forum (Selco) lived through. Too many people stopped being able to see any human beings if they didn’t look or pray like themselves – each group became labeled and therefore seen as distasteful objects by the other.

I sincerely hope this kind of discussion is neither continued nor tolerated. I saw the very same topic and tone largely destroy a previously marvelous on line refuge from the storm.

And keep in mind that you won’t get any argument out of me about serious corruption existing in many (most?) big-city police departments, particularly LA and NYC. Despite that, I stand on the above two paragraphs.