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And the cops will happily be doing Darth Vaders bidding . God knows they hate the Constitution and refuse to make a stand in its defense .

I’m like Whirlibird – I simply don’t “get” that response. What did the police have to do with the article or the event?

And what “stand” would you want them to take (or make) in defense of the Constitution – a mass police attack on the Empire State Building, or attack City Hall and take out the mayor? Or perhaps go on strike and let the masses do whatever they might want to do without police presence, thereby setting up the city to devolve into complete chaos and anarchy from what it already is?

If I’m missing something that should be obvious (and reasonable), my apology. But I just don’t get that response. At all.

(While I’m at it, an appreciative ‘hat tip’ to Whirlibird and all the other good LEOs – or former LEOs – that still make a difference.)