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I used to say that we are governed by our enemies, but that there are other, worse, enemies in the world, who are so obviously worse, that the people wouldn’t elect them. I will now eat those words — pass the ketchup, please.

The system of governance the founders laid out for us wasn’t perfect — just better than any other that had been tried, up to that time. They understood the pioneering nature of their work, and expected their descendants and successors to improve it, as needed. They said that it was only suited to “a moral people.” The Citizens themselves had the moral obligation to pay attention to their government, and fix whatever didn’t work properly … themselves.

As near as I can tell from what I read and hear, each succeeding generation following the founding, has instead, put most of their efforts into picking “leaders” from the long list of ambitious people wanting to “RUN THINGS.” Such prospective leaders promise to take over all those pesky civic duties, leaving the carefree sheeple to “pursue happiness.” The self-diminished sheepizens, having abandoned their civic responsibilities, are now only fit to complain that the tasks they didn’t want to do, were (and still are) done poorly, by their “leaders.”

I’m not talking about the members of this forum, nor many others I’ve met who have tried their best to halt and reverse the destruction of this nation. But we’re totally outnumbered by sheeple, and our opposition to the destruction of the Republic only makes “the news,” to condemn us.

Like an abandoned movie set, termite-eaten, rotted out, thoroughly undermined, but somehow still standing, America still appears to exist, until the next Left-wind from Washington blows away the last few remaining prop-sticks. Now, it’s only an illusion. A generation that never had to fight to win their country, who learns its “history” from a government-run indoctrination system, is never going to produce enough people who want to do the necessary mental work to keep it. All they ever learn thoroughly, is how much they despise learning.

Fight? Oh, sure they’ll fight. (If only physical combativeness were all it took to create (or save) a nation.) Rah! Rah! Rah! They like being rowdy: speak ill of their parentage, and they’ll clobber you on the spot! But read? … think? … write better laws?…naahhh! That’s sissy stuff, and unless it’s about puttin’ more money in yer pocket, fuhgeddaboudit! The few exceptions have always been a despised minority, except once — when almost everybody could read, and learned almost everything they knew from working, and reading the Bible, and other books … at home.

Prepare to teach the survivors. They have much to unlearn.

Cry, "Treason!"