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This is extremely interesting and at the same time, worrying development. Where is this going to end? Are they going to expand the list of definitions in order to deny people their right to bear arms? I have always respected the Founding Fathers and their writings have inspired me throughout the years. Does it seem as if the present government is doing its best to go against the Constitution?…

I have no doubt that the people love the Constitution and their country enough as to prevent attempts to destroy their liberty and their children’s freedom in the years to come. A totalitarian regime, whether that is a global dictatorship, a regime made of power hungry politicians within the country or something else, is a thing to be detested and resisted. People should spread the word, to make others aware of what’s happening…because once the dictatorship gains a solid foothold, it won’t let go very easily and soon the war on words will make communication and freedom of speech very difficult.