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GeorgiaSaint, thank you so much for your kind words. The apparent lack of news reports (or filtered news reports) on various significant things is troublesome. I often worry about the current state of the world, but this suppression of information and truth in general is very troubling. Limiting the probing ability of the search engines and filtering out “sensitive” info that could prove detrimental to certain status quo is perhaps the new reality. I agree with you in that individual efforts to disseminate information is the way forward as a means to counter propaganda and under-reporting. Some friends I have on other countries including Canada and Britain have also noticed similar problems to those you mention. But on the other hand, those deemed as “harmless” news (like sport, celebrities etc) are broadcasted without any issue. I will do my best to continue to update you all with news as to how things are developing here.

With regards to the fires, as an indication to the severity of the arson attacks, the Minister of Defence ordered a Code Orange and a deployment of several units on mountainous terrain all over Greece. They also made a couple of arrests.