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Proteus 55, thanks for keeping us updated. Not one piece of that information is likely to have been broadcast on any of our news media outlets here in the U.S., and I’d be surprised if it’s even in newspapers (hardly anyone reads those anymore). Even Google News has but one story on Greece on its main web site currently – an article titled, “Greek crisis: the EU solution solved nothing.” No mention of fires, riots, demonstrations, etc. Oh, one can find about five articles if the search terms “Greece fire” are entered on Google News, but even those did not seem to have any suggestion of anything other than natural causes, natural for this time of year – not even a hint of possible deliberate acts, let alone reports of actual explosions of canisters as you provided.

The same thing is happening with the stories coming out of South Africa/Zimbabwe here. We just don’t ever see these kinds of stories. Instead, on Reuters’ 32 photos of he day, there were multiple depictions of the remembrances for the victims of MH17 (shot down over Ukraine a year ago), along with a 1-year old photo of a cross burning ceremony on the private land owned by a KKK leader – LAST YEAR. Was MH17 a horrible event for which no one will likely ever pay? Of course. But how many depictions of the ceremonies are needed, out of only 32 total photographs that depict what’s deemed important today?

We are becoming more and more dependent on individual efforts to keep information flowing about what’s going on in our world, because TPTB aren’t doing what Fox News claims they do (“We report, you decide.”). Thank you so very much for the updates, so we know not only what we could be up against ourselves one of these days soon, but also just so we know what’s really happening to our fellow human beings in this world. Our prayers are with you. Some of us actually still remember being taught the fundamental contributons of Greece in what we call modern civilization. It is so very tragic.