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Today amidst various forest fires raging in parts of the country (unconfirmed arson attacks with remotely primed butane gas cylinders according to some civilian sources hearing the explosions), there was an unusual revelation that Lafazanis, one of the left-wing sub-group of SYRIZA and now departed from the government due to his No vote of confidence to the austerity measures, was actually suggesting to a group of 500 listeners that they should invade the treasury and “steal 20 billion” to make local currency, arrest the head of the Bank of Greece while enabling grexit on his own terms, and other outrageous claims. According to at least one newspaper (capital.gr), this was a perhaps pathetic attempt to organize a communist coup through probing for sympathizers; apparently the newspaper is alleging that his circle (people of similar convictions) were linked to (or influenced by) Panomariov’s office at the time of Brezhnev and when Chernobyl occurred, they were denying the accident and the radiation fallout as western propaganda…

I have no way of personally confirming the above but if true, it is very useful that this “gentleman” expressed his outlandish scheme; at least the voters will know what to avoid next time.