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Some idiots are now calling for sandblasting Stone Mountain in Georgia and tearing down Mt. Rushmore because they represent slavery. Have we lost our collective minds???

While that pales in comparison to today’s events, I’ll still comment because it has relevance. That story has been the lead story on local news broadcasts here in my home state in recent days, as if it even qualifies as a legitimate news story – especially given the number of other things going on in the world that we tap into here in this forum. Yet those are never even mentioned to the general public by their sole-source for news (regardless of alphabet labels – CNNNBCCBSABCFOX), thus such stories are never known by them of course. Few Americans remember (or ever learned about subsequently) what Selco experienced first hand – except our military who were there. And like other deeply traumatic experiences, they rarely talk about those operations outside their tiny circles of others that were also there. And current here is the discussion of South Africa/Zimbabwe, and Cathy Buckle’s writings, for example. Yet sand-blasting off the face of Stone Mountain is a lead story…. Is it any wonder that almost no one notices the President’s lack of emotion and his consistent minimization of this awful threat throughout the world? (Obvious rhetorical question needing no answer.)

The key is in the philosophy summarized in the very last chapter of the Communist Manifesto. Forget the first three chapters. The fourth chapter is a mere 3/4 of a single page, and there you will find all you need to know about the book, if you aren’t interested in the “weeds.” And forget the “C” word (communism). It’s the philosophy that is being followed, not the polarized word describing it that matters, and it has not abated in 167 years since it was published: destroy the social and political order, by any means necessary, and then things will be ripe for the takeover. It does not matter what political label is used to describe the replacement for a constitutional republic – the mere fact that the replacement takes (is taking) place is all that matters. And that intended destruction of social and political order is the very reason we have the forum here. My deep appreciation to those that were here first and got it going – and keep it going.