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Managing the wood lot maximizing the total benefits from the trees and property is in your best interest. I suggest calling the local State Forestry Office and get the aid of their expertise. The forestry agent will teach you which trees to mark for cutting and the trees to save to allow additional growth and natural reseeding. Many poorly grown trees should probably be culled providing conditions allowing rapid growth of trees with more value. The other land use benefits are a big bonus. Make sure you use a contract specifying all the aspects of the logging operations. Use the current local prices for standing timber, the forestry agent should be able to supply them.
Have plan for brush and tops, other wise it will end up laying around everywhere.
You dictate to the logger what trees will be cut and how many controlling the outcome. Maybe you only want to sell off a few of the larger trees that have the most value. If the trees are veneer quality the standing timber prices are much higher. You need a fotester to help you so you don’t get ripped off.