Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions…

Here’s how it played out.

1. Room dehumidified/dried out.
2. Table set up in basement.
3. Stuff moved from shelves to table.
4. Stuff wiped down, en route.
5. Shelves pulled and wiped down with Mold Armor.
6. Shelves dried and then painted.
7. Shelves returned to original position and stuff moved from table to shelves.
8. Moved to next shelving unit.
9. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So, we were finally done and a day or two goes by – this wasn’t a small operation, given the stores we’ve been socking away for the last 5 years. It was, frankly, a PITA…

Then Murph – not being satisfied with only attempting to wreck our… stuff… he decided to double down on his efforts. We’ve been hit with about 6 weeks of rain by this point – it’s literally an every day event. But yesterday was special.

Storms in the morning and evening. But after midnight, we got pounded… Thunderous cannonades ricocheting around the sky, lighting flashing every second, and judging by the water that was on the underside of the porch roof – it was apparently raining up last night… it was coming down in buckets and sheets.

We had the basement waterproofed, as I said before, but Murph decided to make his presence known, and we had water puddled in the basement in two different places…. great… soooo, I called the company who did the work and said that we had standing water in our basement and that I was not happy, given the amount of money we gave them to “waterproof” the basement.

They said they would have someone out tomorrow ASAP, since we didn’t get ahold of them till after 4:30 PM….

So guess what we get to do?

That’s right! We get to unload all the shelves we just unloaded/loaded a couple days ago, move it all upstairs into the dining room and then move the shelving units aside so they can get to the area of the leak… which Murphy decided to have happen not only behind the shelving units, but also between two of them….

So, now if you all will excuse me, I’m going to organize us into a “bucket brigade” so we can get stuff from downstairs, up the basement stairs to the dining room with minimal effort…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1