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Hi Robin

Yes it is quite likely; the problem is that those who are likely to oppose it are not going to co-operate with each other due to political reasons; for example, KKE is a communist party that wants out of the EU and NATO…which is a bit crazy considering that Greece has always been in a pivotal position geopolitically to assist NATO with regards to the balance of power in the east and has been a long-standing member. If Greece left both EU and NATO, it would be alienated with its allies in every aspect and would be left vulnerable with regards to incursions and other possible military set-ups. Not to mention that the communist party has some ideas that are at odds with the vast majority of people in Greece, so they would never have the kind of back-up to succeed. ANEL on the other hand is a right-wing party with nationalistic elements; while not as extreme in views as the Golden Dawn (the party, not the fraternity), it has managed to maintain balance with SYRIZA so far but if alienated and driven out of the coalition government, its days could be bleak as well. Due to ideological differences it cannot co-op with KKE and other radical left groups. If it manages to retain over 75% of its members, I predict that it could maintain presence in parliament enough to oppose certain bills but will still not amount to much. If greater losses are incurred to them, I predict a diffusion to other parties (some could go back to ND as it would be “under new management”, and the extremists could enter Golden Dawn); if so many of its members are lost, I believe it would not be in a position to negotiate much politically – however, they have excellent connections with the Armed Forces, perhaps more than other parties. ANEL’s leader is an ex-military helicopter pilot, among other things and he seems to be well connected. Other parties that could potentially oppose are too minor to mention, perhaps 1-2%.

Politically I don’t have much hope of parties opposing said bills. However, there could be opposition from the people and bad things could happen, including riots that could put pressure on the parties or undermine the government, or even a coup (if certain fringe elements manage mil support in substantial numbers and get backed by outsiders)… there will be many developments during the following weeks, I’m sure.

my thoughts exactly. I believe that this cannot last and even if it did, the majority of people that would suffer under it could cause violent episodes on a large scale if they feel their lives continue to be ruined. I need to prepare more intensely and get up to speed with specific strategies.