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The marathon-like conference at the Eurogroup in Brussels has been completed, as you probably know. After huge debates and almost half the countries turning on the other half over the Greek issue, the talks concluded in some sort of agreement which is like an even greater austerity program; despite the great support from Italy, France and other countries, the Greek PM was forced to accept the bitter terms in order to avoid being kicked out of the EU and a total collapse of the banks. Numerous articles worldwide speak of excessive pressures on him that effectively caused him to fold on his own points and basically agree to extremely painful measures. This move is going to cost him 17 (+ potentially another 12 persons) from his government as they do not agree and might be forced or choose to resign. Regardless of this, this whole deal is doubtful whether it saved Greece or doomed it to a greater darkness, lack of hope and even more job losses, and generations in servitude. Of course the whole thing could be overturn as many expect dramatic developments over the next couple of days, because the PM promised to vote several laws until Wednesday in order to appease the lenders and to be eligible to receive the financial loan. There is great anger in a lot of people, including many of his own supporters, and some even mention that “the time of cannons has come”. Although there are no outward or visible signs of any of this as yet, it is possible that there could be nasty surprises around the corner which could endanger peace and stability. What seems most likely is that his party will lose several members, then be forced to join with other parties as an expanded coalition government until September when, according to some, he might declare elections.