National Guard is the militia?


A group trained by the Feds, equipped by the Feds, armed by the Feds, clothed by the Feds, fed by the Feds and drawing their paychecks from the Treasury Department is not a “militia”… they’re not even “State” troops.

The NG was sold to the individual states as a “replacement” for their militias. “Hey, you Governors can still have your troops. It will just be us Feds paying the bills though.” They jumped at it. Feds didn’t like the idea of the individual states having power that could check their own. So, they co-opted them. The Governors also wanted to be able to deploy special ops troops against the citizenry, so they reclassified SF from Reserves to NG.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1