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Tolik, I agree with the statements against fascism and with regards to backdoor communism, it certainly isn’t appealing. Here in Europe a lot of people are brought up with the illusion that there are freedoms, liberty, equality and lots of other things that once a person becomes an adult with an open mind, they don’t make sense anymore. The reality here though is that countries in Europe chose to band together using a system that perhaps was not well thought out after all. Or perhaps it was, in order to create all sorts of inequalities and misery to the people, as you said. Greece is a rather small country which is not self-sufficient like in the distant past. There are many reasons for this slow change into the present sorry state of affairs, but the fact is that unless it radically changes it will never be self-sufficient, if at all possible, since there’ s no heavy industry and they have to import lots of things including meat and resources for factories. So it would still need to be allied and perhaps in some sort of federation etc in order to prosper. I agree that many changes would have to take place, or maybe a different system altogether. Clearly present-day European Union is not the best place to be.

Thank you for your good wishes; I will do the best I can in this situation. I wish you all the best as well, stay safe and well.