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Thank you, indeed, a strong man or government is needed to do the necessary reforms that are essential for Greece to pull itself out of the quicksand. I personally do not know whether this PM is the right man or not. I hope for the sake of all that he is. If not, I wish that a change in leadership swiftly takes place before greater damage is done. It seems that the EU no longer cares for the wellbeing of its member states. I hear similar horror stories like in Spain, that their PM is threatening the population to conform or face a fate like Greece. Suddenly Greeks are portrayed in the worst possible way. Humiliating terms are used to describe them in various newspapers, calling them lazy even… as several economists have said, Greece is in fact among the most hardworking countries in Europe, according to hours worked per week and the long days with little pay. And yet, for the sake of a vendetta between the status quo ruling the EU and anyone trying to opt for a better or different alternative, a propaganda war is unleashed. It is exceptionally easy to portray nations with bad qualities; sure, everyone has them. No nation is perfect and there are irritating patterns of behavior or trends that seem to stand out, making them a target by others in their comments. However one would expect a better, more civilized behavior from people that show themselves to be the rulers and most civilized of all, like the EU elite.

I am in agreement with you; all these things I said are mostly to make a point against the virulent propaganda during the last few years. I have friends in various countries and from many different backgrounds and to make generalized statements about an entire nation seems foolish. I am not naive in expecting everyone to act like the better man, but I would expect some courtesy, respect or at least empathy from those so-called civilized rulers… It seems that even that is too much to ask. My everyday experience in Greece shows me plenty of desperate faces that are anxious, over-stressed, hoping for some good news and receiving none. Many also feel ashamed of their government(s) and are too embarrassed to talk about it in detail. They feel all the humiliation and are asking “why”… regardless of past mistakes, no-one deserves to be humiliated like that. In the past, history has shown dire effects from entire nations feeling humiliated. This always led to extremist behaviors, hatred, mistrust, and sometimes wars began on the hatred fostered by the prolonged humiliation.

If someone is in the wrong, they should be shown the error of their ways and have that point proven to them. Then, ways should be given to find a working solution. If the solution is “die slowly and humiliated” or “die quickly” there’s not much to choose from. And when entire populations begin to feel resentment and entrapment, bad things tend to happen.