Indeed! However I am still eager to hear any suggestions from anyone as to how a civilian could defend his or her life when facing elite units. Would you try to speak reason? Surrender? Fight back? (and with what?) Would these guys be open to reason or explanation that it’s a misunderstanding or whatever? I understand that the obvious thing to do would be RUN. Or hide. But since these people would be elite units, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that running or hiding would be out of the question. How would you handle such a dire situation if it was forced on you?

These are difficult questions you ask. Primarily because you almost have to take it day by day, issue by issue. There are many here ready to take up arms and fire on government troops or police, while others want to take a “wait and see” attitude. In my opinion, as long as you haven’t done anything, yet, to put yourself or your family in the sights of the government, then It might be prudent initially to avoid any protests or other situations that have the potential to become violent. Focus on protecting your immediate family and maybe some close friends. If you haven’t yet, start stockpiling any resources you possibly can, although it sounds like it may be too late at this point. Just do what you can.

There may come a time where you have no choice but to fight. Maybe the government is declaring Martial Law with the intention of becoming a dictatorship and violating your God-given rights. Whatever the “trigger” is that forces you to fight, You might initially consider guerrilla warfare, you know, hit and run. But regardless, if you don’t have people you can trust it’s all a moot point.

As far as weapons, almost anything can used as a weapon. Kitchen knives, baseball bats, hatchets, machetes, cut down tree branches into spears, etc. Use your imagination. And then practice with your chosen weapon. And finally, so everything you can to increase your physical conditioning, especially cardiovascular.