TU-95’s are obsolete prop driven aircraft , they have modern jet bombers , similar to our own . Probably happens much more than is reported , it was just the fact that it was the 4th . International airspace is free to all , we do the same thing , as long as nobody’s national airspace is violated , its a game , nothing that has not been going on for decades . They must be hard up for news . Look at it as more herding of the sheep ( the American people ) , got to keep Uncle Scam’s political goals fresh in everybody’s mind , that way nobody will question any actions the politicians take , herding of the sheep , and the media is the sheep dog . Just Sayin
I had a buddy that was in the Air Force , stationed in Germany during the cold war , he told me that we would send up 3 fighters grouped very close together , headed towards the then Soviet Union , because they gave off the same radar signature as a B-52 , then turn back at the last minute , just to watch the Russians scramble fighters ……………this sort of thing is not newsworthy , its for propaganda purposes .