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Yes, the vote is No by over 61% and Yes is about 38.5 % (the final polls are being counted as we speak). The good news is that that the “winning side” didn’t choose to personify themselves as winners, opting to unite both Yes and No voters in that it will be a common struggle from now on, and that the Greeks are united in adversity and challenges. So this lessens the tendency of division and internal strife, although it is still visible for certain people. The not so good news is that there’s plenty of work to be done, and of course, I expect that the European leaders don’t just have to agree because of the referendum. There will be debating and hopefully some agreement will be made that at least partly satisfies both sides. If that fails, I expect a drawn-out struggle that could last months. It all depends on how the government will deal with financial matters regarding banks opening and fiscal issues affecting insurance funds, employment and retirements.

Ron S thank you. Glad to have helped and looking forward to speaking with you more. I will do what I can to answer any more questions as they arise. Things are changing fast and I’m trying to follow these developments as much as possible.