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Hi Toby, thanks for your comments and the excellent link provided; all your points are valid. It is true that the entire immigration issue is making things even worse as there’s not careful planning and dialogue due to the tense relations with Greece during the last six months. I believe similar problems have been reported in Italy with regards to immigration, although Greece is probably worse on that respect. Unfortunately, this kind of problem needs all the countries involve to sit down and convene without blame-calling and preconceived notions; an open-mind and a positive outlook and meticulous planning where all member states join in agreement. For this to happen, all these tensions must first de-escalate. Vindictive responses by member states or by Greece is not the way forward. All students of history are aware of the reason of a Union of states, a federation or something like that. “united we stand, divided we fall”, but also it prevents a lot of wars and bad feeling and facilitates good communication and a better understanding between the members that works in their advantage. All this becomes the basis of a single currency, joint policies, common laws etc. To want to bring the entire thing down and collapse in chaos is definitely something that will bring conflicts back to Europe, wars from unforeseen places due to the new and dynamic geopolitical landscape… take ISIS for example. That could come into play putting in danger European borders and areas previously regarded as secure. The reality is that once there’s no unified response to external (and internal) threats, the entire foundation begins to collapse, and I don’t think it’s going to be pretty nor will it end soon. I truly hope for rational minds to emerge and to de-escalate the situation before the “flames of woe” cross borders.