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Hi Toby,

Over the last few months I have noticed a gradual shift in attitudes in the people. For example, there used to be a large percentage of discouraged, reticent people that due to the austerity measures they were resigned to it all. That was the prevalent attitude around January. With regards to the points you indicated, (a) was the greatest percentage that was. (c) was a minority as most people unfortunately fail to prepare before hand, thinking that “it won’t happen to them” or some miracle will happen to save them from the mess. During these months there were a mixed bag of (b) and (d); the actual preparations were mostly conducted during the last month or so. With regards to the exit strategies, I read yesterday that about 60,000 Greeks opened accounts in Bulgaria, transferring their money there before or during the messy period. But apart from that, the exit strategies I’m aware of include:
1. setting up a hideout location or safehouse in the countryside, especially if they have relations or property there.
2. due to distrusting the banks, removing substantial sums of money and storing it in the house in multiple locations.
3. stocking up on food and medicine supplies; I have heard some who were intending on piling up on ammo (shotgun slugs and pistol rounds mostly) but I haven’t been able to follow that to confirm.
The prevalent mindsets right now are divided in two sides: one of them seems eager to cooperate with Europe and comply with regulations, as long as these are bearable. And the other willing to resist and to oppose further loss of sovereignty of the land and further submission. What the IMF and the European elites failed to realize until it was too late is that the more propaganda and attempts to subvert due process, the more the Greeks get annoyed and they will oppose them. Some chief analysts now admit that they pushed too hard aiming to humiliate, not truly seeking middle ground. And this is going to backfire on their interests, whether the referendum goes in their favor or against. A rising number of Greeks is looking east to a solution, and it’s bound to affect geopolitically the regions of the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean as there is a shift of powers vying for control. Russia and China seem very eager to invest in this and it all works in their profit. The more Greece feels the heat and pain from the international committees (bankers, politicians), the more Russia and China gain from the situation and they are handing Greece to them on a plate. The austerity measures and the constant barrage of propaganda and humiliation caused many people to behave irrationally and are willing to go without much money or even suffer than submit. I cannot tell of the percentage but I know that the numbers of frustrated and angry people are rising.

Hi Roadracer,

prepper groups remain the hiding however individuals voice more about prepping and exhibit more ‘prepping behavior’ than before. As abroad, people in Greece seem reluctant to divulge about prepping fearing ridicule by others, but that does not deter them from actually do so. They will prep, in all three ways that I mentioned above, and do so without announcing it even to relatives. That is why there are not many reports about it but on the other hand, like-minded people tend to recognize similar behaviors. So I was able to understand said patterns without too much exposure to be necessary. As to your question regarding self-sufficiency in smaller towns and rural areas, it is true that the people in the countryside are far more self-sufficient and also better armed. Although in the past they usually had knives and shotguns (due to the large number of hunters among them, and also for protection) nowadays they seem better armed and also with more powerful rifles (.45 mag etc) and sometimes scopes. Again, this is what I have come to understand after living here for many years. It’s not advertised and technically few people will admit having something more than a basic shotgun, although the reality could be different. Their better and quicker access to food resources (milk and other dairy products, eggs, meat from farm animals, potatoes, olives, wheat etc) make them more resistant to food shortages and able to hold out for significantly more than city folk. Also in many places in the countryside people are far more eager to uphold their traditional way of life and fight against whoever is oppressing them; they are equally angry with the city folk as they see their values and Constitution trampled and blatantly mocked by their so-called allies. This foments bitterness and could significantly harm Western interests too, which is one main reason why the US Government, a group of Congressmen, some stellar thinkers like Chomsky and Stiglitz have recently applied pressure to Europe to show reason and to find a working solution asap.