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Freedom, yes, these news reports are indeed true. There are many pensioners (and other people) who feel desperate and depressed due to the circumstances. Some feel humiliation or exhaustion as the physical effort to having to do that every day has worn them out. It is very sad to see how many problems will arise from such tensions. However, regardless of what is happening, the relations between opposing factions have remained acceptable (not civil due to swearing and cursing each other in some cases, but no actual violence worthy of reporting – one or two cases of minor assault so far).
With regards to the supermarkets, they keep running out of supplies but they get re-stocked usually within a day or so. This has happened 3-4 times so far during the last week, due to the banks being closed and problems with resupply and importing stuff (as I had posted previously, the food import chain and from the industry to the shelves has been affected, but there are still food supplies existing to be available, just not as abundant as they were before). I think it’s early days yet. The problems are bound to worsen soon enough, regardless of the outcome of the referendum; simply because it’s not as easy to re-start the economy with a simple decision; there are no magic buttons and the sh has almost hit the fan in some respects. Unless something drastic happens in a good way that will stabilize things, I expect to see a lot of unpleasant things in the coming months, from riots to worse…