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The truth has been politically incorrect since the dawn of human speech. From what I’ve seen here in the Belly of this commie Beast (S F) most of the illegals aren’t violent felons. Most are as popularly advertised, just here to take your job at a lower wage, and send as much as they can of the $$ back home to keep the rest of their family from starving. It’s what I’d do, in similar circumstance. Still, a fairly high percentage of them come here to commit serious crime — drug mules, coyotes, and gang underbosses — and they have little compunction to killing, if they think they can get away with it. (Which they often can, since the commies here have repeatedly made the case that punishing such poor illiterates would be cruel, because they can’t read the law, so they don’t realize that killing people is against the law, and they were just trying to have a better life … whimper, sniff, yada, yada.)

But it’s the nooz “report” that really got me:
“It turns out, he should not have been in the country to begin with.” (Ya think? After only five deportations?)

“It appears, according to police, that Steinle (the victim) was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.” (Not the criminal — the victim! And though the spokesmouth was probably a police rep. of some kind, I’d lay odds that the cops who deal directly with such people, wouldn’t have willingly cut him loose on O.R., after they’d ID’ed him the fourth time. It’s the ex-Community Organizer Mayor, and the commie Board of Stupidvisors who want more like him harassing the hated bourgeousie, because there’s no federal subsidy for having self-supporting people around.)

From ICE: “The murderer should never have been on the street to begin with.” (Probably why they repeatedly handed him over to the tender loving care of the City which released him so many times before.)

“What he was doing with that gun is unclear.” (If a dead body with a bullet hole doesn’t make it clear, nothing will.)

“Ya hafta wonder if there’ll be any accountability in the San Francisco Police Department.” (It ain’t the cops’ fault. I used to wonder if the voters in SF could learn to hold their politicians to account. I don’t wonder any more; I know they won’t, being bought off with their own [tax] money. It’s why I’m getting out.)

Cry, "Treason!"