Minor update.

We broke for eats. The humidity level in the basement was over 95%. I have a long water line leading to the sump. The water line was – is – basically in a corkscrew shape thanks to its “memory”… which means I had to get creative so that the water flowed naturally down into the sump from the dehumidifier. It’s working, and the humidity is dropping nicely. When the sump is full, a pump kicks in and shoots everything out behind the house. It’s only about 10 gallons or so…

Had to go to the hardware store. Picked up some stuff called “Mold Armor”. Cleans mold and kills it for up to 3 months. Dude said if I used that stuff, then when the shelves were dry to paint them with a mold-inhibiting primer, I shouldn’t have any more issue with mold.

So, we’re letting the dehumidifier do its’ thing for now. Let the shelves dry, then tomorrow hit them with a coat or two or that primer, then reassemble everything.

We’re going to talk to an HVAC guy on Monday to see what we can do other than have the dehumidifier running during Spring and Summer…

More as it unfolds…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1