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Indeed! I am a great admirer of the writings of the Founding Fathers. I have a book called “Heroes and Patriots” (1881 edition!) and reading through it filled me with great respect for these people. Later I started reading more on Jefferson’s, Washington’s quotes and from the others too and I was astounded by the depth of their wisdom and the ability to judge impartially issues that are affecting everybody two and a half centuries later… I always raise a glass to them on the 4th July.

However I am still eager to hear any suggestions from anyone as to how a civilian could defend his or her life when facing elite units. Would you try to speak reason? Surrender? Fight back? (and with what?) Would these guys be open to reason or explanation that it’s a misunderstanding or whatever? I understand that the obvious thing to do would be RUN. Or hide. But since these people would be elite units, for the sake of argument, let’s assume that running or hiding would be out of the question. How would you handle such a dire situation if it was forced on you?