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Well said and true enough. Let’s hope that such reforms will take place to create more jobs and allow higher productivity in the future.

With regards to News from Greece, I was asked for anecdotal stories about how the average Greek copes with the crisis. I spoke with a friend today who could fit as an “average Greek” in that his responses and habits are typical of most everyday Greeks. He was worried that he couldn’t take more out of the ATM and was wondering what would happen if this continued long after the supposed re-opening of the banks. Especially concerned was he over the fact that there were stock unavailable from the supermarkets due to cancelling of orders from Food Industry. He wondered what would happen if it all went out of hand, whether there would be military intervention to establish law and order like a martial law. While we were talking, some interesting information surfaced. He pointed me to a couple of newspapers (with online presence as well) that mentioned of a secret deal that the former prime minister (from the previous government) made with Blackwater to assist if widespread riots took place…supposedly to protect the ministers and other politicians from the mobs, if something like this happened… he would allow them to fire against the citizens he was supposed to represent! All this happened, supposedly, in January 2013 and the deal was known to at least two other politicians from different parties; and this group even trained the Greek Police with rapid tactical deployment etc. My friend was worried in case there were riots, whether we would be seeing such violence perpetrated by this unit. After reading these articles myself, I tried to reassure him in that I don’t think they would be shooting civilians that are not rioting or causing considerable threat, otherwise they would be targeted by all of society and it would be criminal to do so. He left deep in thoughts and I left as well thinking of how could a “normal” person defend his own life against elite squads, if there was a mix up or some sort of misunderstanding. I know there are people in here much more knowledgeable than me on such matters, so I will not attempt to answer that one myself. However I am interested to hear opinions as what should a person do in such dire circumstances.