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This is another problem that the government needs to take care of the people with employment laws that will fine companies hard if they do this. If the companies fire the employee because they told on the company that was exploiting then the fine needs to be very high so they will not do that again. Hours worked need to be paid.

But remember that there is a problem also with companies not being able to fire the employees that do not work.

I personally made deals with companies in France were when I sold a lot of there products in the U. S. the owners in France would tell me that they couldn’t make that many of the product because if they hired more employees then they would have a problem after six months since the government of France had laws that would not let them fire the employees in the future if they didn’t have the sales of the products. So the companies are afraid to hire new employees. This is a problem for companies.

Remember that companies are in it for profit. They will go were the laws are good for them.

But also remember that the better the laws are for companies the more companies go to these countries and more jobs are created which in the end means higher pay.